Jenga VR

UI Design — Onboarding

We adapted Jenga to VR for an exaggerated experience of anxiety, excitement and control.

Our team focused on the onboarding process of the game, especially since we thought this would be most users first time using VR.

VR Game

iOS for Google Daydream

Horizontal Screen

Single Player

Meet Emma.

She has a dog who she named Pepper.She loves frisbee and running outside. When it’s too cold outside in Milwaukee, she stays occupied by playing a lot of games.

As an only child, she likes games that she can play by herself — games that challenge her. She’s very good at strategy games like Connect 4, chess, and just learned how to spell ‘obscure’ by playing Bananagrams.

She has been recently introduced to the new iPad which she absolutely loves. She’s a quick learner and now has so many new games to play!

UX/UI Designer — Dipali Bajaj
Industrial Designer — Emmorie Jossie
Visual Designer — Me, Liz Harman